START Barcelona is an inter-university multidivisional society with a highly specialized team divided into different functional departments. If you think you’re a good fit for one of these, make sure to apply to be part of our project in our Careers section.


Tech Research
Members in the Tech Research division specialize in identifying and analyzing cutting-edge technological trends and their applications in order to draft biweekly internal reports for START Barcelona. Through these reports, we detect potential opportunities for organizing enriching events and activities throughout the city.

Event Management
Be it workshops, conferences or congresses, quality is always of the utmost importance to us. From planning to execution, we believe that excellence must be delivered in each and every one of our events, which is why our Event Management team—made up by the most proactive individuals around—will ensure you enjoy the START Barcelona experience to the fullest.

Marketing & Content Creation
Immaculate presentation and elegant design are at the core of our organization. The team over at the Marketing & Content Creation division are responsible for embellishing everything that we do. From capturing the perfect moment at an event to drafting and designing our upcoming marketing campaign, they always keep it clean.


Public Relations
We want to revolutionize the way the startup scene in Barcelona works, which means that we cannot afford to have a negative reputation with our ourstakeholders: not just partners and sponsors, but also the general public and the media. Members of the PR division know how to properly manage brand image and are naturally articulate.

Investor Relations
As an organisation that is in constant contact with startups and corporations from all over the city, we need to stay in touch with both potential and current collaborators and partners of START Barcelona. Members of the Investor Relations team usually posses outstanding communication skills and know how to look for clear and valuable synergies.


The Team

Our people are what makes START Barcelona great. We carefully select the top talent around the city in order to craft a team that fully capitalizes on each member’s capabilities and ambitions.


Josep Coronado
Co-Founder & President

Pol Borrellas
Co-Founder & CMO

Marta Sanaú
CVO (Chief Event Officer) & Web Designer

Adriana Crovetto
Investor Relations & ESADE Campus Ambassador

Marc Miró
Event Management Coordinator

Albert Riera
Co-Founder & Vice President

Oscar Sànchez
Co-Founder, Secretary & Treasurer

Paula Vila
Investor Relations & Public Relations

Marcos Cámara
Head of Tech Research.

Carlos Galán

Event Management Coordinator



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